The Conservatory of Music Enhanced Education (CMEE) was established in 1994 by Ida J Campana.  She is a dedicated and accomplished piano instructor with over 20 years of teaching music lessons in Mississauga.  Ida was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Ida began piano lessons at the age of 7 and studied extensively with the Royal Conservatory of Music. She also studied with the renowned performer and clinician Elsa Hsieh.

Along with teaching hundreds of children and young adults in her music school in Mississauga, Ontario, Ida is an accomplished composer.  She has written music for the yoga series “The Ability to Transform”; for charitable organizations such as “Interim Place”, and for students entering competitions & festivals. She has been featured on the television mentor series, “Spill Your Guts”, on Global TV.

In addition to her lifelong career and love of music, Ida also had careers in the marketing of consumer products and in politics. She also raised a family of four. All of this has given Ida the unique ability to teach and understand the training of each individual with a sense of humor, respect and compassion.

Ms Campana is a firm advocate of an ancient philosophy which simply believes that “Kids, who study music, don’t go bad!”

She is the author & publisher of her own series of  technical books and learning materials which have been favourably reviewed by the Ontario Registered Music Teacher’s Association, (ORMTA).  Look for Ida’s new children’s book series “Yes I Can Play Piano – I Can Count To 7″ available now.  All of these books can be purchased as downloadable e-books from our online Shop at minimal cost, or as free supplemental resources.

Ms Campana also hosts a series of tutorial videos, designed to help students continue their music studies on-line.  Find her on YouTube under Ida Campana.  For FREE theory lessons please check out our Musicnotes Blog.