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Welcome to Bass Guitar Lessons in Mississauga

Don’t let anybody tell you that being a Bass player is not a real musical talent! Bass Guitar players are the “metronome” of any group or band – which means to say that they, together with the drummer, help keep a steady beat for the other musicians.

Oh sure, many people will point out that Bass players look so bored, and that they never smile or look like they even want to be in the band. But that’s because they take their role as the “beat master” very seriously and that means they must stay fully focused and concentrated at all times! That, and because, they are often bored – because keeping the same beat through a 4-minute song can be pretty monotonous.

So, how important is a good bass riff? Well, what would “Under Pressure” by David Bowie & Queen, be without its distinctive bass line? Or how recognizable would “Come Together” by The Beatles be? Then there’s “Money” by Pink Floyd. So, you see, Bass players can be loved as real musicians too, especially by hordes of adoring fans who jump onto the dance floor at the first note of a great bass line!

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