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Musical Syllabus and Method Books

The Conservatory stocks all the latest books and learning materials required for students to successfully follow and complete the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus from Grade 1 to ARCT.  The RCM curriculum is a classical education in musical studies with formal levels and both practical and theoretical exams.   We also stock books for those students who do not wish to follow any formal syllabus, but rather prefer to learn in a less formal method.   In addition to providing music lessons in Mississauga, The Conservatory’s owner, Ida Campana is also the successful author of the “Now I’m Ready” series of piano technical requirement books, (as reviewed by the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association), and of the new interactive ‘beginner-friendly’ series of “I Can” books and “I Can Play Technical” board games. All of these books and learning materials are specifically and uniquely designed to complement any piano course method.  2016 new RCM requirements are available as an ALL-IN-ONE workbook presently for levels 1,2,3.  Learn scales and chords with a visual map. Sight Reading, Ear Training and a mock exam are all in one book.

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