I can Chord with ‘What Are Keyboard Tabs.’  This 27 page method has students chording like a guitarist.  In keyboard style the piano tab is shown as a piano player would see it.

Most students want to learn to chord but can’t seem to figure out what position to hold the chord.  In piano there are 3 positions to a chord.  What does that mean?  A piano chord can be played with the Chord Letter name on the bottom, the middle or the top.  This all depends where the melody is.

Keyboardtabs does the work for you on how to play the chord.  For instance say the chord says C  This means it’s a C major chord which consists of the letters C-E-G.  But now you have to know where the melody is. You will have to switch those letter names around to E-G-C.  This means the chord is in first inversion.  It would most likely be that the melody note is the top C.  The video explains step by step how to do this.  The popular song ‘Hallelujah’ is used as the example as this song uses very simple chord progressions.

The ‘What Are Keyboard Tabs’ method book also has practice charts for the song you want to play.  Take a look at our Bookstoreunder Method books to have you chording in no time.