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Welcome to Piano Lessons in Mississauga

The modern piano was developed from the harpsichord 3 centuries ago in Italy. A piano is simply a bunch of thick metal strings – (which would make you think it is a stringed instrument) – but because the strings are vibrated by felt-tipped hammers when a player presses black or white keys on a keyboard, the piano is considered a percussion instrument. Fascinating, right?

Welcome to Guitar Lessons in Mississauga

The guitar is an ancient and noble instrument dating back over 4000 years.

In the last century, the guitar saw many great innovative improvements. For instance, the old “cat-gut” strings were replaced by nylon and metal strings, which really pleased the cat population! Then the classical or Spanish guitar was modified with a big hole to make the acoustic sound louder.

Welcome to Bass Guitar Lessons in Mississauga

Don’t let anybody tell you that being a Bass player is not a real musical talent! Bass Guitar players are the “metronome” of any group or band – which means to say that they, together with the drummer, help keep a steady beat for the other musicians.

Welcome to Drum Lessons in Mississauga

Drums were first played way back in 6,000 B.C. The technical name for drums is “membranophone” but it is a lot easier to say that you are a “drummer”, rather than a “membranophonist”.

Welcome to Voice Lessons in Mississauga

It is believed that singing originated before spoken language developed. Our voice is supposed to be the first-ever original instrument of music.

Welcome to Music Theory Lessons in Mississauga

This is probably the least-liked part of learning to play an instrument – music theory – because it is thought to be boring and tedious – but it is the most important aspect of music education. Why?

Welcome to Mock Exams in Mississauga

These are not exams where the examiner makes faces at you or tries to imitate your characteristics.

Mock Exams are designed to simulate a real examination session, such as the student might experience when being examined by the Royal Conservatory of Music for a particular grade level certification.