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The guitar is an ancient and noble instrument dating back over 4000 years.

In the last century, the guitar saw many great innovative improvements. For instance, the old “cat-gut” strings were replaced by nylon and metal strings, which really pleased the cat population! Then the classical or Spanish guitar was modified with a big hole to make the acoustic sound louder.

Since the 1930s, parents of young guitarists have been complaining about the invention of the “electric” guitar, which uses an amplifier to make the sound even louder! A popular saying from parents throughout the 1950s, 60’s, and 70’s, (when rock ‘n’ roll music was most popular), was “Turn it down!”

Today, the grand tradition of strumming or bending guitar strings continues with a younger generation who want to play the classic rock songs from their parents’ music collections. The difference today though, is that their hard-of-hearing parents now say, “Turn it up!”

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