How To Write Triads, Basic Theory #7


Writing triads for the Basic Theory exam will only ask to write Root triads on the Tonic, Subdominant and Dominant notes of a scale. Learn how to handle this question and common errors to avoid. Learn about toning. In the Mozart Effect certain tones can help with your general well-being. A few of these are demonstrated in the video. End with Flash cards as visual aids.

A Root chord simply means that the name of the chord is the lowest note.  Example, C.  The Root chord is C-E-G.  When writing the chord on the tonic note of the Scale, start on the FIRST note.

Subdominant is the FOURTH note of the scale.  Sub in latin means (below.)  If the Scale is for example C Major the fourth note is F.  Therefore the answer would be F-A-C.  Root chords always skip a note.

Dominant is the FIFITH note of the scale.  If the scale is C major, start the triad on the G, therefore the answer is G-B-D.