Level 4 B Minor Scales

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Level 4 B Minor Scales

Are you a visual learner?

Visual learners use pictures, colors, and maps to organize information.  You can easily visualize objects and plans and can anticipate how an event may turn out with your mind’s eye.  Visual learning is one of the techniques in learning.  Studies have shown that we are 65%, of visual learners.  30% of the population tends to remember information after hearing it.

The Levels introduced in The Conservatory’s Piano Exam Preparation series USE the visual method to learn the most mundane part of learning a piece…Knowing the SCALE.  Students can SEE the raised notes and the over and under-fingering.  Apply this technique, PLAY it, HEAR it, KNOW it.   MAP your way to success.

Level 4 B minor Har: Mel PDF demonstrating the B minor Harmonic and Melodic scale is being offered as an excerpt from the Level 4 Piano Exam Preparation Workbook, which customers are able to purchase for the introductory price of $3.99

Explaining to students the difference between the THREE minor scales, Natural, Harmonic, and Melodic, leave most students with a glazed. Now, what if they can SEE it?  This method of learning scales has been very successful with thousands of students all over the world.  As a result, these Piano Exam Preparation series include the technical portion of the exam according to the RCM 2015 Syllabus, as well as the sight reading and ear training portion, using visual techniques to help with your learning style.

Above and beyond, each level also features a mock exam.  Teachers are able to prepare students for the WHOLE exam from these All-In-One books.

Can you see it? Learning the piano has never been easier.
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