Our Teachers

Every parent’s first question, after “How much does it cost?”, is “Are your teachers qualified?”  The simple and flippant answer would be, “Of course, they are!”

But the truth of the matter is that our teachers are more than just qualified.  They come from the top echelon of dedicated educators who have spent at least 12 years of their lives studying music, at great expense, and who have received their teaching credentials from an accredited music institution such as top-notch Canadian universities & colleges or from the Royal Conservatory of Music, based in Toronto, Canada.  This organization has been around for over 150 years and their teaching curriculum has set one of the highest standards in the world!  And we are pleased and fortunate that it is these teachers who have chosen to work for our Conservatory.

So, we can assure you that we have highly qualified, certified, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated teachers.  But, how much would these qualifications be worth?  Well, much more than any lesson fee you will ever be asked to pay.

And now, may we ask you a couple of questions?  “How dedicated is your young musician to learning from our teachers?  How dedicated are they to practising what their teacher will share with them?”

Let’s find out – together.