Music lessons on Zoom with an instructor can be a highly effective way to learn and improve musical skills. With the rise of online learning platforms, many teachers have begun offering virtual lessons to students and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

One of the main benefits of taking music lessons on Zoom is the convenience factor. Most lessons such as piano, guitar, voice and theory are scheduled for a half hour. Online lessons remove the travel time to a physical location. However, it is imperative that the student focuses their device to the instrument. The instructor also has their camera focused to the instrument for a visual when demonstrating.

Another benefit of music lessons on Zoom is the ability to work with a wider range of teachers. This means that you have access to a much wider pool of talent and expertise. The Royal Conservatory of Music now offers practical exams such as a piano exam on Zoom. When taking an exam the adjudicator wants to see the whole side profile of the student, watching posture and musical performance. In an exam, they aren’t teaching they are adjudicating.

Additionally, taking music lessons on Zoom can be just as effective as in-person music lessons. During the lesson, the instructor can watch you play and give your feedback in real time. They can also provide you with a PDF of the lesson. They can also use screen share feature to demonstrate how to play a certain piece or technique.

One potential downside of music lessons on Zoom is the lack of physical interaction. Seeing your instructor once a week face to face, one on one is almost like a therapy session which some students sometimes need, just speak to someone other than just their parents or friends. It is also important that when a student is taking a Zoom class that they have their own private time without the family listening and watching.

Overall music lessons on Zoom with an instructor can be a highly effective way to improve your musical skills.