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The modern piano was developed from the harpsichord 3 centuries ago in Italy. A piano is simply a bunch of thick metal strings – (which would make you think it is a stringed instrument) – but because the strings are vibrated by felt-tipped hammers when a player presses black or white keys on a keyboard, the piano is considered a percussion instrument. Fascinating, right?

So, how long will it take to learn the piano? One lesson – if you are a genius like Mozart. Not a genius? Well, then be prepared to make the piano a lifetime study. But here’s something else that is fascinating. If you can count to 7, and you know the first 7 letters of the alphabet, (and who doesn’t?), you can play the piano in just one lesson! Sounds too simple? Sure, it is! Because, the hard part is being able to put these 7 numbers and letters into melodic patterns – but that’s where a good piano teacher can help!

It is often believed that “Practice Makes Perfect”. But, it really doesn’t. Perfection, as we all know, is unobtainable. It is far more realistic to expect that “Practice Makes Better”. Mind you, if you don’t practice at all, your piano soon ends up being a piece of furniture that is always in the way and nothing more than a dust collector with a shelf full of faded family photos.
So, help save a piano from the dreary, dusty existence of being a “catch-all” for junk – learn to play it, in just one lesson – or 500 lessons – your choice!

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