Preparatory Rudiments

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Preparatory Rudiments


Preparatory Rudiments Theory Workbook, Basic Music Theory. Learning theory is for all musicians.  Piano, guitar, violin, voice, bass, ukulele, etc.


This 47-page e-workbook is the 2nd book in the “My First Step to Theory” series and is a great supplement to any beginner methods.  It is designed for the early beginner preparing to write their first basic theory exam, based on the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum.

The workbook covers all questions that may be asked for this Preparatory Exam, Basic Theory.   It is meant to be used as a tool to prepare for writing the exam and includes one full exam and 12 teeny exams.  Students who are preparing for their level 5 practical will find this a great resource in focusing their study efforts for the first Basic exam which usually

47 pages include one full exam and 12 teeny exams.  Be prepared to write.  Recommended for students before the first Basic exam which usually starts for those preparing for their level 5 practical.

It is also a great resource for those who are interested in gaining a better understanding of musical language.

All musicians; piano, guitar, voice, violin… benefit and need to complete theory exams starting from Level 5 RCM.  Make sure to have the basics covered to make this a musical language easy to understand.