Method Book Musical Alphabet


A How To Play Piano using a visual approach from the staff to the keyboard. Understand how the piano links with notes on a staff. Hands on playing from the first page.  This 61 page Method Book is a must have tool from early beginners to the older beginner.



Or those needing extra help on reading notes; this how-to downloadable PDF explains notes on a staff with the musical alphabet with visual aids.  LEARN and visualize how the keyboard is broken up.  Beginners start with the middle position which is known as octaves 3 and 4 (on a full size piano-88 keys.)

Students of the musical language sometimes have a hard time reading the treble clef along with the bass clef.  This hands on approach will have the new beginner playing from the very first lesson.  (61 pages)

This handy PDF also works as a supplement to any method.  Download it…print it or just view on your tablet.


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