Technical Board Game – Level 5


Play a Game!

Learn all the technical requirements for Level 5 with a game.  Follows the new 2015 RCM syllabus.

Students can roll a dice, pick a colour and then play the technique they landed on. Keys for Level 5 are: A, E, F major     A, E, F minor.


Let’s Play a Game!

Learning all the technical requirements for your levels of the Royal Conservatory of Music Piano exams; can be a challenge and boring.

So…Learn with a game.  Roll a dice.  Pick a colour.  Play it.  Students can also close their eyes, point and then play.  It’s like having a teacher ask the question.  If you can play the whole board, then you ARE ready.

Keys for Level 5 following the 2015 RCM syllabus are:  A, E, F major   A, E, F minor.

Teachers and students also laminate the Board and use a wet erase market to keep track of learning.  The 5 in the middle of the board is an added challenge.  When landing on a Bonus Round, roll a dice and answer the question asked.  Or just save the PDF to your tablet.



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