Transposing, Writing in Time Signature for Intermediate Theory Exam


How do you write an Intermediate Theory exam? One question at a time. This video covers the question for transposing. That to look for in the question and how to avoid common errors. Adding in a Time Signature? Add two of the same notes together to see what it makes…please see the video for more tips.

Intermediate Theory which is the same as Level 6 according to the RCM 2015 syllabus.

Compound time is introduced and is exactly like simple time as far as beats go.  Compound time works in groupings of 3.  So a 6/8 time signature would be 2 main beats (divide the top number of compounded time by 3 to see what the beats are)  The possibilities for compound time is either a 6 a 9 or 12 on top.  Divide these by 3 and what do you get?  for 6 divided by 3 there would be 2 main beats.  For 9 on top there would be 3 main beats and for 12, 4 main beats.  In compounded time the beats are in groupings of 3.  6 beats would be  1-2-3  4-5-6 Please Subscribe to stay updated on all posts.